Window Casing Trim Ideas

Window Casing Trim Ideas | Window coverings aid in reducing the costs of heating and cooling a house and fortunately many affordable and eco-friendly drapes and window treatments can be purchased.

One strategy to use green with your drapes and window treatments is as simple as creating draperies or curtains from natural hemp or linen. These materials are easily recycled and harmless to the environment. Choosing fabrics which can be created from recycled materials like plastic bottles reduces non-biodegradable waste. For years, harmful fumes wreaked havoc on allergy sufferers, creating the demand for materials that have been free of chemicals and environmentally safe. In fact, a vast most of traditional fabrics contained herbicides, pesticides or carcinogens in the finishing process. But today the options for dye-free fabrics or those who use eco-safe dyes are endless. And many allergy sufferers are opting for non-toxic fabrics with anti-microbial and anti-fungal traits woven into the yarn in addition to those which can be stain-resistant, mildew and mold-resistant.

Today’s rising energy prices are a constant reminder to all of us to reduce our electricity and gas consumption whenever possible. One way to reduce energy consumption is thru window coverings. When windows are uncovered, they may not be cost effective and increase the must raise or lower thermostat settings. An uncovered window in the hottest weather can increase an air conditioner’s workload by 50%.

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Installing high-performance windows is a sure way to combat this problem. High performance windows help in reducing energy costs, condensation and color fading as a result of sunlight. Another option is light-controlled motorized shades. Controlled with a hand-held remote device or through wall electrical switches, light-controlled motorized shades are ideal for large windows or skylights since the homeowner can open or close the drapes and window treatments by just pushing control button.